Daily kpop news

Daily kpop news

Juniel will finally make her comeback this July.

daily kpop news

Read more. Brown Eyed Soul's Young Jun will make his summer comeback with a new single. You may not see this coming but girl group Unnies who made their debut today is everything right now. GFriend release new individual teaser images of the girls for "Laughing Out Loud" version of their upcoming first full album.

EXO expresses their gratitude for the consecutive wins of 'Monster' on music shows by releasing their practice video. Perhaps it's their black outfits that make the atmosphere even cooler or it's just the boys' charisma and their flawless dancing skills! GFriend starts dropping the girls' individual teaser images for their first full album comeback "LOL" in "Laughing Out loud" version.

Gugudan have just debuted but they are already being questioned of copying male group Snuper's logo. APink announce the release of their 6th Japanese single 'Summer Time' with a their jacket image. Follow Us. Breaking News! Travel restrictions to Bangkok lifted.

What Should I Buy at Walgreens. All rights reserved.KPop wikipedia. Showing posts with the label BTS. It costs million won about 10 million yen for t Read More. Check out the screenshot below.

Fans are furiou A sasaeng fan followed BTS member Suga to the airport and assaulted him. The girls performed BTS' latest hit song on M! Countdown in Taipei, check out their per Check out their cover belo Their 12th victory since their comeback, Bighit Entertainment apologized to fans as Jin c Condolences to Jin and his family members! What a moment of Inkigayo yesterday!

BTS' Jungkook creates another miracle! BTS showcase their charm for Calvin Klein. Check ou BTS is no doubt a global KPop group! BTS reveal individual teaser images for Face Yourself! The boys will promote in Japan with their 3rd Japanese album Face Yourself, chec Such a perfect collaboration!

Military soldier impress with their dance performance! Columbian artist Maluma was asked about a potential collaboration with BTS in the near future! During the interview, the reporter asked Definitely the coolest bank CF I have ever seen!

BTS's hit songs such as BlooWith this, his close friends from the industry and his entertainment label paid a special tribute to him during this day. Seulgi, who is known for being the Red Velvet member who trained the longest approximately […].

Lineup changes are quite popular in the Kpop scene. However, there are still a few groups who had stood strong and have not changed their members since their debut. In this list, you will get to see Kpop groups from the 2nd generation Kpop groups who debuted from who have yet to disband and […].

Juniel To Make Her Comeback With A New Single In July!

While most Kpop music videos are known for featuring bright and fun visuals or synchronized choreographies, there are also Kpop music videos that feature emotional and heartbreaking storylines. Here are some of the most heartbreaking Kpop music videos that will make you grab some tissues.

The design included the […]. Former 4Minute member, Jenyer previously known as Jiyoon revealed her thoughts on the possibility of having a reunion with the group on her recent photo shoot and interview with BNT magazine. In an interview, Jenyer shared that despite the disbandment, the members still contact each other.

daily kpop news

However, my staff and I are currently detained in Jakarta since yesterday. Yes24, the local promoter, have […]. During […]. During the press conference for the program, in which Eunhyuk will be participating as a performance director, the Super Junior member shared that the show had a special meaning to […].

During the interview, Kris revealed that after his parents got divorced, he had never heard from his father. Ten years later, he and his mom moved to Vancouver to start a new life. Kris […]. The summer season may be over, but today we will bring you back to that fun season when you were on out on a vacation or simply stayed at home doing fun stuff with friends. Surely, you tuned in to some catchy, upbeat, fun or relaxing K-pop songs in your playlist when you were doing […].

With K-pop becoming a global phenomenon, the industry has been filled with idol groups wanting to rise to the top. With this, the scene has been filled with groups making their comebacks or debuting rookie groups.

daily kpop news

For our list today, we bring you few idol groups who are aiming to make their debut this […].Seoul More Older Koreans Tie the Knot Marriages among people in their 20s to 40s continue to decline, but the exact opposite is happening among those in their 50s.

According to Statistics Korea, the number of women over 50 who tied the knot increased from 14, in to 15, last year. That contrasts sharply with the decline in marriages among women under According to the National Police Agency on Monday, the number of crimes involving hidden cameras at schools increased from 77 in to in Korea Orders People to Conserve Food The North Korean regime has ordered people to conserve food as fears of a famine in the isolated country grow.

The regime has apparently been unable to hand out food rations in Pyongyang since April. People wait for a bus in Incheon on Monday. Foreign students eat samgyetang or chicken soup with ginseng at a university in Seoul on Monday.

EXO Release Practice Video for 'Monster'

Girl group GFriend pose at a showcase for their new album in Seoul on Monday. Surfers ride the waves on Jeju Island on Monday. All rights reserved.Night Mode. How overseas Kpop fans changed after the AOA bullying incident.

Man in his 40s fined for maliciously commenting on Sunmi. KayRosa 10 hours ago 29 10, EXO's Sehun reveals that he has been receiving compliments for putting on weight recently. KayRosa 9 hours ago 17 14, Fans are touched when they see B.

This is why "Lovestagrams" can't be used as credible evidence to suspect celebrity dating. KayRosa 12 hours ago 24 34, ThisKpopismyreli 23 hours ago 43 9, KayRosa 15 hours ago 30 39, Original Content.

daily kpop news

Top 20 most viewed dance practice videos in KayRosa 12 hours ago 27 14, Netizens talk about G-Dragon's sister's fashion brand using so many famous models for her new collection. Music Core'. KayRosa 11 hours ago 13 13, Entertainer Kim Shin Young says she might retire from the industry? KayRosa 15 hours ago 21 20, Load More Articles. Hwa Sa is like a protagonist of a tragic film in her second teaser for 'LMM'.

Hyoyeon looks fierce in teaser images for her 4th single 'Dessert'. Fans speculate Somi teased her comeback without her label permission.KPop wikipedia. Showing posts with the label Big Bang. Big Bang's Seungri is rumoured to have a girlfriend and fans managed to find out the girl's identity.

Check out the images Read More. Let's see what the netizens have to say. Netizens sure are funny and sarcastic Seungri's finally gone crazy Nothing but thoughts of money in his head I bet Yang Pictures of T. Such an awkward moment for Seungri! Big Bang's maknae Seungri appeared on a variety show recently.

The latest episode was filmed in Big Bang's TOP does his duty well! He's spotted supervising a group of kids at the Yongsan Craft Center. He's now serving a Seungri definitely enjoys living alone!

Big Bang's special gift to fans is achieving great success in Korea! Big Bang's Daesung arrived at his enlistment camp earlier today! Hundreds of fans appeared outside the camp to bid a final farewel Big Bang's maknae Seungri will appear in the upcoming episod G Dragon and Taeyang will enlist in the military at the end of this month.

All 5 members of Big Bang gather for the last time before th Big Bang's Top is currently working as a public social worker in Yongsan.

He's seen having great interaction with other during Big Bang's Top looks smart and handsome at Taeyang's wedding. CL reveals group photo with Big Bang's members. Big Bang's mothers pose together at Taeyang's wedding. Besides the members of Big Bang, the mummies of the group also He's seen covering his fac According to journalist Kim Yena of TV Report, there are rumors that the veteran idol group of 12 years is slowly stepping towards di G Dragon and Taeyang will enlist in the army next year!!

According to reliable source, G Dragon and Taeyang can no longer postpone thei G Dragon achieves 15 million followers on Instagram. Hottest KPop name no doubt, he needs no following to reach the 15M followers m Fans discovered graduation photos of the Big Bang members and compare the members' drastic transformation, who has the most changes a Popular Tags Blog Archives. Taemin reacts to paparazzi photos with Kai; reveals they are 'skinship type'. Recent Posts.Armies and netizens have been talking about a particular happening at BTS's recent fansign.

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In a short fantaken clip, member V greets a fan warmly and has a little conversation with her. Read more. Bangtan Boys bring their burning choreography for "Fire" in their practice room in freshly released dance practice video. BTS just takes home their first music show win for this comeback with "Fire" on M!

Bangtan Boys are hyping up their comeback with the release of MV teaser for "Fire". Bangtan Boys Video Apr 28, Say hello to your handsome and dorky oppas! SK Telecom has made a quite obvious guess-who introduction of their new promotional ad models and fans are already hyped up and in celebratory mood.

February is indeed a love month not only for couples but for friends as well. Big Hit Entertainment updates worrying fans today about the progress of Suga and V's health conditions. The diagnosis shows no abnormalities for all members especially Suga and V. Bangtan Boys Video Dec 16, Watch fun idol interactions on behind-the-scenes of MAMA !

Bangtan Boys continue to sweep music programs with their song "Run" and nab their 3rd win from today's Music Bank. Follow Us. Breaking News! Travel restrictions to Bangkok lifted. What Should I Buy at Walgreens. All rights reserved.

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